Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm In Love- Three Irish Girls Yarn

Recently I received some yarn as part of a swap package. And I just love it so much, I had to share.

For those of you who are following along with the Curls Project, you may recognize this yarn. It's what I used to knit Caesious, the first Curls. 

It's Three Irish Girls Glenhaven CashMerino Sock. I'm hoping that all of their yarns are as great as this yarn, because once I have some hustling money saved up, I'm ordering some more. 

As John and I drove to a wedding in Florida and back, I worked on the shawl. I just kept falling more and more in love with the yarn. I told John that it was really... squishy. And I made him feel it, he described it as "springy".  I'm not sure what else to use to describe the hand of it, it just was squishy as the fabric began to really take form

It's also quite soft, even before blocking. I always get a little nervous about blocking yarn that I really like since blocking can sometimes change the feel of a yarn. However, with this yarn I had wasted my worrying. It's just as soft and springy and squishy as it was before blocking. Bonus- it really holds blocking well. What used to be a scrunched up looking shawl is now a beautiful open shawl. 

Before Blocking

After Blocking

Now, I can highly recommend this yarn. That is, the Glenhave CashMerino Sock. 5 Stars. Once I have a chance to try out some more of their yarns I will update you all on them! 

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