Monday, October 29, 2012


As an early childhood educator, we always are hearing that play is learning. While this video addresses an older age group than I currently work with, I find it is a great way of looking at how play is learning.
Play allows children to experiment, fail, learn, and try again. While this is a little skewed toward science, I liked it.

(I also plan to talk a bit more about play being a necessary part of the learning process in future posts. If you have questions or concerns that you would like me to address, just let me know!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tee Shirts- Cheap

So, I happen to have a large amount of plain tee shirts as part of my inventory. Since I am trying to move most of my inventory out before heading to grad school, I decided to try to get these shirts some homes. 

For $0.50 Each I have:
 2 Adult L Hanes  Comfort Soft Undershirt style Tees

For $1.00 Each I have:

Adult Small:
·         3 White
·         3 Heather Gray
·         3 Dark Red
·         1 Solid Gray       
·         1 Navy Blue
Adult Medium:
·         2 White
·         1 Ladies Pink
·         1 Red Baseball Style
Adult Large
·         1 Ladies Black
·         2 Dark Red
·         3 Medium Blue

Adult x-Large
·         2 White
·         0 Turquoise (Sold out)

And for $5.00 each I have some Downeast Basics Tees:

·         3 Dusty Rose Short Sleeve Crew: 1 XS, 2 XS
·         1 Cream Short Sleeve Crew: XL
·         1 Navy Half Sleeve Tee: M
    You can view photos of them here:

    You can contact me through the message function on Facebook or Etsy:

     Also, if you live outside of my area, I ask that you pay shipping for your order.
Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Dialogue

My Dad (to the dog): Oh look, your Aunt Jaq is wearing some socks that she made!

Me: I just finished them and was too lazy to take them down....

My Dad: Are you going to make me some socks for Christmas?

Me: It depends. Will you wear them?

My Dad: Well... I don't know are they comfortable?

Me: I think they are.

My Dad: Would they match my work clothes?

Me: Yeah.

My Dad (wanders off.)

So, Should I knit him a pair of socks for Christmas?

p.s. He is the most difficult person to get a Christmas present for on my list. I've got pretty much everyone else covered except for him. Any suggestions besides the socks would be most appreciated.