Friday, March 7, 2014

Fiber Friday! The Beginning of... well...

 I made a shawl. I'd been wondering for a long time what the big deal about shawls was anyway. Like, do people really wear them? And look good in them? Why not just toss on a sweater or use a scarf?

I didn't get it. But then, I moved here and at the LYS, there is an abundance of shawl knitters. I started to wonder what exactly it was that I was missing out on. And so, for the Winter Challenge, I found myself some beautiful, blue yarn. (Juniper Moon Farm's Moonshine) and a pattern that wasn't too "old lady" (The Lonely Tree Shawl by Silvia Bo Bilvia [side note, not sure if that's her real name or if she's just playing the name game there...])

I cast on during the opening ceremonies. A feat in itself, since I was visiting the fiance and he wasn't too thrilled to have knitting take precedence over him. (It's going to happen, honey. It will continue to happen.)
After wearing it to church,  I turned it in on the deadline day. I now understand what the big deal is about shawls. I really liked it. It can keep you warm like a sweater, but if you want to, you can leave your arms uncovered without fussing with rolling or scrunching up the sleeves. Plus, it's pretty. ;0

 One week later, I returned to the shop to find it on display with a medal. Not just any medal, the GOLD.

What the heck?!
I'm already plotting the next two shawls. Knitting store, watch out! I might clean you out of yarn in the next few weeks!