Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An Experiment

I like plants. I like gardens. I just like them.

Currently we don't have an outdoor space and I thought I would be okay with it. But, the further we get into our lease with this place, the more I notice that I miss having an out door space. So what do I do?

I decide to see if I can propagate some plants from the plants at my preschool. I had to move my pots from our neighbors patio, so I threw some of the bigger ones out, and thought that a couple of the smaller ones would work well for houseplants. I'm about two weeks into this project currently. Here's a couple of pictures of the plants as they are right now.

I don't know what type of plant this is, but it's a nice bright green color. I had one back in Utah that my mum tried to kill repeatedly, but never succeeded. 

These are Spider Plants. I'm super hopeful on these ones, because they were shooters from the original plant and already had started their roots out the bottom. After some research, I found out that Spider Plants are supposed to be really good at cleaning air, reducing the need for filters. 

I know, this looks like just a pot of soil. Look closely. There's an aloe leaf in there. According to the internet,it will eventually start roots out one side the side facing down in the soil, and the other side will grow the new plant. 

These are some rescued succulents. They have been around since before our trip at the beginning of June and are looking better than they did before. I'm calling them a success so far!

This is a Baby Jade. It's supposed to be easy care (like the succulents and aloe). This is another plant that I chose because it was a shooter already developing roots and looking for a place to grow!

Finally, here's another picture of the first plant. That little stem coming up out of the soil wasn't there when I first tried to propagate it. I think it's a good sign, right?

The succulents and Baby Jade are in the living room, and for now the rest are in the Craft room on the windowsill. I will move them around once they all get established a lot more. While they are baby plants still trying to get their roots in and start actually growing, I will keep them all right in the windowsills.

I also am attending a class on propagation in the next week, and will hopefully learn some good pointers to help these plants all grow up and be awesome!

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