Friday, April 3, 2015

Whole30 Week One Notes

I've been keeping a running journal of how it's going day by day. Hopefully this will help someone out there know a little more about what a Whole30 looks like. I found some other blog posts like this majorly helpful as I geared up to start mine! 

Day 1

Shopping today was interesting. I read labels like crazy hoping to find some sausage or other spicy type meat that was compliant. No go. No lunch meat either. So I stocked up on Tilapia (at the request of my husband), some chicken, and some beef ‘hot dogs’ that were compliant, in addition to my regular fresh veggie and fruit stock up.

I also started reading the labels on our spices at home, in the hopes of finding something that would help eggs taste better. I was surprised to find that some of our spice mixes are non-compliant. Did you know that some of them have “dehydrated corn syrup”? Who even came up with that? I have a feeling this first week is going to be a slow learning process before I can switch to a more auto-pilot mindset.

Now, to the nitty gritty, real deal, here’s how it’s going part of the post.
I have heard horror stories about the first couple of days being horrific. Withdrawal symptoms similar to hard drug withdrawal (shaking, sweating, nausea, etc.) Migraines! Pain! Death!
Ummmm….. I just feel kinda hungry, even though I am eating plenty. In fact, I feel like I’m eating more than I normally do because there’s no ‘filler’ food in my meals like the crust of pizza, or rice with the chicken.  The worst part for me so far is the almost unbearable compulsion to eat the cookies! Eat some Reese’s! Make Waffles and drench them in syrup!!!

Day 2

I was feeling kind of grumpy. Bad planning on my part made day 2 also a Fast Sunday. I had very little patience with the Primary kids, and had to talk myself down from it.  I got home and ate a banana, but when I went to cuddle with my husband (he works nights so I snuggle up to him even if he’s snoring, for a nap) I started crying. Not all out bawling, just uncontrollable silent tears. I asked him later if he knew I was crying and he said no. It was weird.

Day 3

I read on a blog that I’m not supposed to feel hungry while on Whole30. But I feel hungry. I am completely convinced that it’s my body thinking that it can’t be full without rice or pasta or cookies. I swear that’s what’s going on because normally my stomach can’t deal with 2 chicken breasts, 2 celery stalks, a cup of spinach, a whole banana, a handful of raw almonds, and some raspberries in ONE MEAL.

Days 4-5

The wonderful early morning energy and all day energy I felt on day 3 is gone. GONE! I feel like I used to, waking up is rough, just not I feel like I might have a hangover rough. And I even took a nap. I’m hoping this goes away again, and soon. This was one of the major reasons I’m doing  Whole30, my horrific energy levels.

Also, the gastro-intestinal symptoms that the book (and website) said would start between days 10 and 14 have already started. Forums online have people saying that they have these symptoms the ENTIRE DURATION of Whole30. I hope that isn’t the case with me.

Day 6

I’ve officially reached pre- Whole 30 energy levels. Waking up this morning was horrific.
Add to that, I can’t tell if I’m hungry or not. My stomach keeps growling, sometimes uncomfortably. But when I do the ‘test’ of asking myself if I would eat fish and broccoli, I answer ‘no’. Which supposedly means I’m not hungry. But maybe I am hungry, I just don’t want broccoli.

I feel like I’ve been doing well with using a variety of foods. I stocked up a bit again yesterday and made sure I bought things I haven’t been eating this week so I don’t get tired of them. I’ve been experimenting with different spices and even made compliant buffalo chicken! But man, I just want a pizza and some milk and cookies.

I guess it’s going to take a little longer for my body to get used to the whole ‘no snacking’ rule, because I think that might be the culprit. My body thinks it needs to eat every 2 hours (like an infant does) but I’m not eating that often anymore. I’ll give it a little longer before deciding if I should add an afternoon snack back into my schedule.

(Later in the day)

I feel sooooo sick, like I should be puking but I’m not. My body is not happy with me.  I officially decided to abandon the no snacking rule for now. I had a small lunch, and plan on a snack in a bit. Followed by a small dinner after knit night. I just don't think my size body can handle that much food at once without getting sick. This is something I noticed pre-Whole30, so I'm going to go back to smaller meals, with snacks. Maybe after I recover a little I'll try the 3 big meals again. 

Day 7:

I made it. We even went to a restaurant today. I almost lost it when John said he gets my croutons, but he was right and he’s been doing AWESOME at keeping me on track. I’m just really looking forward to being able to eat restaurant rolls, pancakes (I haven’t wanted those for a looooong time, and I suddenly can’t get them out of my mind), and allow myself a Reeses!

I had a friend ask me if I had tried “cauliflower rice” yet. No. And I won’t do cauliflower rice (as of now). Why? Because I feel like it isn’t Whole30 compliant. If we’re not supposed to make Paleo pancakes or Paleo cookies, I don’t think paleo rice should be made either. For me, it’s not in line with the spirit of Whole30, that you need to break a cycle of bad eating habits. And rice is a filling food that some people eat mindlessly, so why add pretend rice if it’s going to psychologically fill an unhealthy need instead of being a healthy choice? 

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