Monday, April 27, 2015

First Post Whole30 meal; A recipe and review.

I made it through the first part of whole30, and now am in part 2, the reintroduction phase. One of my issues with whole30 is it's not really only 30 days, it's actually 42 days. Yep, you heard me right. Because they say that when you start reintroducing food groups, you eat one food group for one day. Then you go back to the whole30 diet for two days before introducing the next food group. And even then you are only allowed to eat that one food group! If you've already reintroduced dairy for example, and had no issues with it, you stop eating dairy again for another 9 days. You can't have milk in your cereal if you're introducing grains. You can't have ice cream after dinner the day you do legumes. You have to wait to have cheese pizza because you're not supposed to mix food groups. What the heck?

False advertising.

Anyway, today I am doing my first reintroduction and decided to use a recipe I found awhile ago on Pinterest. It's called "Apple Pie Quinoa" and is found on Food Babbles. They said, "After a healthy start to my day by enjoying this apple pie quinoa, I quickly came to realize this is just the thing to calm your sweet tooth."  

I had high expectations for this recipe. I mean, APPLE PIE. 

To keep it in line with the whole30 reintro program, I subbed the skim milk for coconut milk. I also added some nutmeg.  As I was cooking it, it smelled delicious and I couldn't wait to eat some! 

This morning while heating it up it again smelled delicious... sort of. Then I took a bite. Blech! It was super BLAND. I added some milk, a lot of cinnamon, and more sugar than I thought I should. It still was gross. 

Now, I've heard some post-Whole30-ers saying that food doesn't taste the same after whole30. Things are disgustingly sweet, and taste fake and chemically. This was not the case with this quinoa. It was plain old bland. I am a person who likes really flavorful food, I always put more in than the recipe calls for when it comes to spices. This recipe just did not cut it. It tasted nothing like apple pie, nowhere near sweet, and cinnamon was just a smell. 

If I make it in the future, I will halve the quinoa, and double the spices and sugar. I think that might fix the problem. 

I'm off to eat some popcorn now. 

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