Sunday, December 2, 2012


I received my Black Friday Buy in the mail yesterday. Seasons 3 and 4 of the tv show Psych. For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge fan of the tv show Psych. I told my dad I wouldn’t get an iPhone unless I could get a Psych cover for it. (My mum was very concerned the other day when I pulled out my phone and the Psych cover wasn't on it.)

There is a very specific reason I started watching Psych, had this incident never happened, I may have never watched Psych.

 One afternoon, several years ago, I was working on a show. So I had stuff spread around and needed something to keep me from going absolutely insane. I turned on the tv and started flipping through the channels, hoping for a movie or something intriguing. I paused for a moment on USA because they sometimes have movies and such on.

 It was the Nanny episode. Henry and Shawn were standing in the road looking at the houses and Henry says: “Why this house? This house was chosen for a reason.”
To which Shawn replies: “There can be only one!” after a pause he turns to Henry and goes “What, I thought we were quoting Highlander.”
As a person who grew up watching Highlander, I busted up laughing, and didn’t change the channel. I had to know what the show was, and if the rest of it was as good as those ten seconds.

 Thanks to the invention of Netflix, I’ve been able to see every episode. Among my favorites, well they’re all favorites and each one has great quotes in it…. But, the Twin Peaks episode is a family favorite. It was cause for me to (yet again) wonder if I would end up having to call the paramedics to revive my mum. The Jaws episode. The Despereaux episodes. Heeeere’s Lassie. Ugh, too many to name.

Let’s just say, I love the show.

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