Thursday, December 13, 2012

Need Your (Birthday) Help

For those of you who know me, I don't really like my birthday. I don't like people making a big deal about me, and in recent years I've come up with a pretty good strategy on how to avoid the birthday hubub.

Step One: Tell no-one that my birthday is coming up. In fact ignore the birthday and hope it just goes away.
Step Two: Leave town.
Step Three: When asked why I am leaving town, act all confused, like I'm not sure what people are talking about. Or just be vague: "You know, hanging out and stuff".

The past couple of years I have gone to my happy place, the family cabin at Bear Lake. I'm lucky enough to have a birthday that falls on a holiday weekend most years, so I get a good three or four days up there. It's also lucky that the weekend of that holiday is usually when the Cisco start to run on the east side of Bear Lake. So, if you have the right equipment, you can go fishing. Cisco is a no-limit fish, so bring a big cooler and a dip net, and waders, and wear thermals. And be prepared to participate in "Deadliest Catch: Bear Lake". If you don't really want to fish, it's great fun to just go watch all the people fishing.

But, alas, this year I won't be able to go to the Disco. I will be in Tennessee. My dilemma now is what to do for my birthday. I mentioned skydiving in passing to my mother. She gave me a 'look' and said "Don't make me worry about things more than I already have to."
So, I did what every good traveller does and broke out my "1000 Things to do Before You Die" books. And I have it narrowed down to two options.

I would like your opinions/votes on the options, and then I'll go wherever it seems more people think would be a great adventure. (Or just go where I feel like when I wake up the morning of my birthday, but really, I want your input)

I will start by saying I've looked both up on and they are both the exact same amount of driving away from where I will be in Tennessee. So, distance isn't an issue to be debated.

Option One: Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky
I thought this would be good because, like the Disco, it's an outdoorsy type deal. Instead of fishing, I'd go see the bald eagles nesting, and wander around to see what else might be wandering around.

Option Two: Franklin, Tennessee
This has appeal because of it's historical value. It has the largest privately owned military cemetery; two acres of Confederate soldiers. It also has things like a historic district with little shops and restaurants that I could wander around.

So, you can comment here your opinion on what I should do. Or, if you are Facebook friends with me, go ahead and let me know there.

And thanks for your help! (consider it your birthday present to me)

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  1. I'd probably go to Franklin being the history-lover that I am even if it is American "history".