Saturday, December 29, 2012

An Experiment

Tonight Mabels came into the Lair and asked what was up. I told her I wanted to write but wasn't sure if the words would come out (I have that problem). I handed her the computer, not really expecting much to happen because I'm pretty sure I've tried that before.

Much to my surprise, and concern, Mabels typed for a good 20 minutes before handing the computer back to me.

She read this part of what I had written:

"Marty hesitated before relaxing again. This girl was crazy. But she made his P spike, so  he didn’t want to write her off entirely. She made him feel better than any other girl had in a long time. After another moment of contemplation Marty relaxed too.

He was Marty Hale, after all, a legend."

And this is what Mabels came up with:

*flashback* The air was thick with the stench of war and death.  Marty was the only one left.  He knew what he had to do, though he did not know how.  He picked up his father’s sword, still dripping with the patriarchs blood. Determined and with nothing to lose, Marty ran toward the evil warlord Shablooka.  He had caught the dark one off guard! This was his only chance.  The sword slid surprisingly easily through the seemingly thick skin.  Shablooka fell to the ground. 
*present* He was known throughout the nation as the man who defeated the evil warlord Shablooka.  A simple girl and her wild plan to defeat the Pinheads in the greatest bowling tournament should not be a problem. 
“All right.  Let’s do it,” Marty said.  Just the look on her face at his decision was worth the sacrifice he was about to make.
“This is the right thing to do,” she said, excitement in her voice.  “Let’s get started.”

I laughed so hard I started crying. Needless to say, I love my Mabels. 

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