Saturday, June 4, 2016

Baby Sweater Fever

If you follow the blog, you will have noticed that there was a baby sweater in May's Finished projects. As well as one I started when I said I wouldn't start any new projects because I need to finish current WIPs. And there's another one in the works, undocumented on the blog or on Instagram.  I'm addicted.

At church we have 6, yes 6, babies arriving between now and December. Four of them are first time mommies, and one is a baby sister with only brothers. So there are a lot of baby showers happening in the coming months as well.

And, since I have a wonderful hobby and I have a goal to use up stash, I decided to make a sweater for every one of those little babies. Stashbusting and enjoying myself and being able to give the finished items a good home all at once? Sign me up!

I've also been using any small leftovers to knit up preemie hats, if I have enough I could make a pair of kid socks or even a baby size hat too. Basically, after the sweater I keep going with the yarn until I can go no more.

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