Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finished Object Roll Call: February 2015

Hat-a-Thon 1 of 6 

The UT Hat; Hat-a-thon 2 of 6. 

 Parent Hat: Hat-a-thon 3 of 6

Scrap Hat: Hat-a-thon 4 of 6 

Child hat: Hat-a-thon 5 of 6 

Blue Hat: Hat-a-Thon 6 of 6

Bonus Scrap Hat 

Bonus Scrap Hat, minus braids cause I ran out of yarn. 

Bonus Scrap Hat
I used up so many scraps doing these hats! I'm super glad to be moving yarn out of the yarn box and into finished objects! A lot of them will appear in the Etsy Shop. See end of post for Facebook Giveaway info too!


Precuts Party Quilt Top (not sure if I should count it since
it's not a completely finished quilt yet...) 

Precuts Party Quilt Top #2 
The Pink Quilt: I started working on this several years ago.
Yes, it looks simple. BUT I machine quilted it with my regular
sew at home, not for quilting, machines (got a new one partway through this project). I'm
so happy and relieved to have it done. 

If you'd like to see the FO's in progress, as they are completed, and some other random bits and pieces of life, follow me on Instagram!
I also do GIVEAWAYS on Facebook. Hat #1 and #4 were both giveaway hats. You should go 'like' the page, be sure to be following it too! 

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