Friday, February 20, 2015

#sewmystash2015 Precuts Party!

The time has come for the second #sewmystash2015 challenge. The Precuts Party! This one made me super excited and I'm really glad that Leasa did this one so early on in the year. I have a couple of pre-cut bundles that I've been meaning to use up.

Like, I actually had planned projects for them when I got them and I just never got around to using them because I have so many other things to do/that I'd rather be doing.

So, officially for this challenge I used a jelly roll and a charm pack. Just one of each. (For a primer on pre-cuts sew4home has a great one.) So I had 20 pieces of fabric to work with, in two basic colors: pink and brown. I decided on a log cabin inspired quilt top.

I had hopes to do two layers of strips around each charm square, but there wasn't enough jelly roll to go around. Sigh. I have a few scraps left over of jelly roll fabric that will go into the scrap pile for a future scrap quilt. 

It's about crib size and I am on the fence currently about finishing it into a complete quilt or just listing it as a top... I also am on the fence with if I should sell it or not. There's a lot of babies coming in my neck of the woods and I need baby shower presents! 

I had so much fun doing the Pre-cuts Party that I decided to continue it. I have another jelly roll, a pin from Pinterest, and a designated sewing room. I am ready to rock and roll! 

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