Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sew My Stash Weekend Challenge 1: What I Did

As I stated earlier, I am participating in the Sew My Stash dealy this year. And Leasa has set forth our first challenge here: Weekend Challenge 1.

Basically we had to make something that incorporate hearts into it, using at least 75% stashed fabrics.
 I immediately jumped to the red and white quilt I had started... awhile ago. And pulled it out. As I plugged away on some half done squares, I realized it would take me waaaaaaaay more than a week to get it anywhere close to being done.

I have twenty squares so far, but they are a lot smaller than I usually make so the quilt would be like 2 feet square. (I'm of the make a real, useful quilt camp, none of this 'wall hanging' or 'mini' quilt stuff.)

Then I told myself, "Hey didn't you get some fabric with hearts on it from Hobby Lobby or something?"

I went and stash dove. And couldn't find it. But I did happen on some other heart fabric that I received from a swap on Ravelry last year.  Pair it with some polka dot fabric and we're good to go.

I have some real quick and easy patterns that I could use. I checked sizes and amount of fabric and found I had just enough to do some of the reversible baby pants that I've been meaning to make more of for the shop.

So here they are: Valentine Reversible Baby Pants; Size 0-3 months.

Since I don't have a cute baby to put them on, you can look for them in the Etsy Shop or Facebook message me if you'd like them ;)

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