Friday, January 9, 2015

Sew And Knit my Stash 2015

Lately I've been trying to be more active on Instagram. Mostly out of the boredom that comes with not having classes or work for a month...
While on there one day, I happened upon the account of a lovely lady named Leasa. She has a blog: Project Leasa. She's informally heading up a group New Years goal.

The first challenge was to post a picture of your stash. There were some incredibly huge stashes posted, and all of them amazingly organized. Which made my stash feel a  little, well... 

It seems so small compared to others I saw. BUT I am a grad student, so budget is tight. And we are in a tiny apartment, so space is at a premium. I vowed to not buy any more fabric or yarn for at least one full month. A small step, but at least I can get started on some of the stash. 

 And because I'm a planner, I went through my new pattern books and made plans. I'm all about the planning.

 Since I've been blessed with many talents, I decided to extend the challenge to Knit My Stash, too. In fact, I'd been planning on knitting my stash for a couple of months now. This challenge has just been the final push to get me to actually do it. So, here's my yarn stash (and this is after some major destashing via swaps and giving away) 

Again, it seems so small compared to others I've seen.... 

Step one to this plan is to finish all my PHDs aka WIPs (projects half done and works in progress to you non-fiber friends). Which I'm doing pretty well on if you follow me on Instagram . I will continue to post on Instagram and hope to be able to make bi-weekly posts here on the blog to keep myself accountable!

Good luck fellow #sewmystash-ers! And feel free to join in! Leasa is posting helpful hints and motivations to stay on track all year long. 

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