Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crockpot Success! Chicken Fajitas

I love my crockpot. Actually, I have two... but our family is small right now so I only use one to cook. I'm sure I'd love the other one too, once we have room to use it, and people to feed with it.

I'm slightly obsessed with finding recipes to use in the crockpot. My husband and I like eating, and we're not too great at eating healthy, so I decided to try to reverse that. We'll still love eating, but we'll eat healthier. Part of this is that I'm going to do all I can to sit down and plan meals, get the shopping done, and it will be ready to go. No desperately hoping I have ingredients to make something as I drive home in rush hour traffic. No last minute ditch to go get Cook Out because it's cheap and delicious (and fried).

This weeks crockpot success is Chicken Fajitas from Stacymakescents online. I found the recipe via a 100 days of no processed foods pin on Pinterest. Here's the deal though, I have a bad memory and could have sworn I had cumin. No cumin. However, my husband had a spice container labeled "Fajita Seasonings" so I put a bunch of that in. (I'm a fan of eyeballing when it comes to cooking some things). The other substitution I did was I put a squirt of Tabasco instead of lime juice. (I hate citrus, unless you are eating an orange straight up. Don't use it to flavor anything.)

I am declaring it a success. I put mine on a tortilla with just a bit of sour cream and nothing else. I was surprised at how good they tasted! Go ahead and try it out. It's a keeper!

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