Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another clue, but maybe not...

I started this month out with the good intentions of posting a picture each Monday, all along a common theme. Yes, it's a blatant copy of the 4pics1word app that I've developed an unhealthy attachment to,but, as you can see it's Tuesday and no picture was posted yesterday.
That's because life happens, and I was on a quick jaunt to the Rockies where there wasn't as much snow as I expected (thanks to everyone complaining on Facebook about all the snow. What are you guys whining about? Seriously!).
Then I discovered I don't even have a picture that would be a good clue, so instead here is a random picture, picked by me closing my eyes and clicking around for a moment:

Would you look at that! That might end up being a pretty decent clue in the end. But no one will know for sure until.... well I can't tell you that either...

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