Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stash Along March: Special

You Made IT!

February was a tough one, wasn't it? But you did it. You made it. You are amazing! If you want to, keep going with the Freeze. See if you can make it to 50 or 100 days. The longer you go, the more dependent you become on your stash, which in turn creates the habit of going to stash first instead of always heading to the store when you start a project. The more stash you use up the more space you will have in your house.

Now, the theme for March is Special. After having gone an entire month without adding to your stash, I hope that you are getting to know exactly what is in your stash, not just have a vague idea of what is in there. And this is part of the challenge this month.

You know you have it. A special skein, or special fabric, or special piece of paper. It's SPECIAL you have to have the perfect project for it. Or the 'right time' to use it.

Now is the time.

Take that Special piece, and use it.

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