Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stash Along February: Freeze

Here we are.  February, the time of year where some people fall off their New Years high and start abandoning resolutions. If you resolved to use your stash, stick with us! We will help you all year long. If you are just joining us, we started out the year with the challenge of Inventory in January. Go ahead and catch up, since that challenge was meant to help you know exactly what you have so you can have a successful year using it up. You're really going to need it this month.

Freeze is the theme for February.

As in freeze your stash. Do not add to it. No buying. No trading. Nothing. This is one month where I am being explicit with the challenge. Most of them will be left open to interpretation, but not this month.

WHY? Because February is the shortest month. It's only 4 weeks long. 28 days. I know how hard it can be to not buy something just for the sake of buying it. It's cute, it would make a good such and such, or you love it and know you can find something to do with it. Resist. Just for this month. You can do it.

Taking a month and not buying will force you to start actually using your stash. This is going to help get you into the habit of shopping your stash first, so the rest of the year of stashbusting will go more smoothly (in theory).

Stay tuned for a post on how to help yourself accomplish this month's goal.

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