Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Every year I tell myself I will blog more. This year is no different, but I really hope that when it comes to actually blogging more, I really want it to happen.

To help myself out, I've put blogging in my schedule for the week. This way there is actually time set aside for me to blog.

I will also keep up with some of the regular posts I started in 2015. The Monthly Totals will continue, because I like those ones. I like seeing the super productive months all in one spot. And the not so productive ones, well, hopefully they help you feel good about what you accomplish.

I will also continue doing the Featured Finish Object posts. Of course, I will only use personal projects for these. The first one of the year will be up soon, and I will explain a little more about what I hope to accomplish with those posts when I publish the first one for the year.

I have a lot of fun things planned for the year ahead! If you have anything you would like to hear about from my perspective, or any Pinterest pins you'd like to see someone attempt before you do them, let me know!

Have a great 2016 folks!

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