Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Motto

I have a wonderful friend here in Knoxville. Recently she said that her family has adopted the motto: One is better than Zero. That really stuck with me. Some of us (including me and my friend) have the tendency to start out a day with big plans, and when something goes wrong, we throw up our hands and say "Well, there goes the whole day!"

Then we sit on the couch and watch Netflix for the rest of the day instead of continuing on with what needs to be done. And feel guilty because we got absolutely nothing accomplished.

No more, folks. No. More.

Because I tend to remember things a little better when they make sense to me, I adapted the motto to be "One is Better Than None".

I get a point for remembering something I need to do, even if I don't get around to it. I get a point for opening the dishwasher, even if I don't load or unload it. I get a point for pulling the cleaning stuff out, even if I don't get around to actually cleaning yet. I get a point for changing the toilet paper when it runs out. I GET A POINT FOR EVERYTHING because ONE IS BETTER THAN NONE!

Since adopting this motto, I find that I get a little more done. Why? Because a lot of little ones here and there can add up to a 10 over the course of a day. Ten ones is still a ten at the end of a day. Heck, you could do twenty ones and get 20 points for the day!

Try it, you might like it. ;)

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