Saturday, June 24, 2017

Randomly on a Saturday

And just like that it's been two months since I last posted.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but you know, life with a baby. And now a full time job.

Yep. I started back at teaching pre-k and I love it. I forgot how much I love being with those kiddos and how much fun they can be. They can be crazy, but they are still super fun.

So: Randomly on a Saturday. Here's 5 Things About Me.

Why only 5? Because I need the rest of the list for other posts like this...

1. I LOVE sushi. It was the hardest part about being pregnant.
2. I used to be vegetarian, for 5 years. I still lean toward it.
3. The thing I miss most about Utah, other than my family, is the snow.
4. I never received any formal or informal sewing training until I was 22.
5. Nailpolish is one of the beauty products I have to have in my house. I don't necessarily have to use it, I just have to have it.

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