Thursday, April 27, 2017

Road Trip Tip!

When I was a young child, we did road trips. Places like Yellowstone, Vernal Utah (dinosaurs people), and Disneyland. You can log a lot of hours in the car during a vacation, and if you have young children it can get rough for everyone!

Here's a tip that my mom implemented with us children, that I plan to implement in the future with Monkey and any siblings that may happen to be in the picture as well.

Boredom Bags

Yep. You heard me.

Before I get further into this, you have to know the essential factor in these actually working. It's that Mom and Dad control the bags. Why? Every family has at least one child who is still working on self control and will have eaten all the treats and used up all the stickers in the first hour of a trip and spend the rest of the trip whining and annoying their siblings, and parents.

What is a Boredom Bag? 

It's a bag full of things to distract and occupy your children during the hours in the car.
It can include special treats like favorite candy or snacks. Small toys. And books! Whatever you think will buy you some sanity while the children are playing with or eating or working on the item you passed back.

So, every hour or two pull out a new item and pass it back. See how long you can last before passing out an item, because you don't want to give out everything too fast and be stuck without a way to distract the kiddos on the return trip!

Bonus Tip: Come up with a code phrase to use with your spouse if YOU need a break. Use the phrase to let them know it's time to pull over at a rest stop, or to find a park nearby, so everyone can get out of the car. The children can run off some steam, and you and your spouse can take turns going to the bathroom or even just having a few quiet minutes to yourself in the car.

Now, I really hate when people try to upsell you on something after hyping up stuff. But I honestly think that this company has a lot to offer when it comes to this sort of thing. I recently became an Usborne Books & More consultant. I am currently running a Road Trip Boredom Bag Special for anyone! Your child will receive at least 5 books in their boredom bag, just let me know their ages and interests, I can find books for every age through high school.  I will send you a list of books to approve, and once you send payment your books will be on their way!

Send me an email to order your boredom bags!

You can also order just one or two books using my direct website: 
 If you do order, please know that we really appreciate your support of our family! My book selling is part of our journey to becoming debt free, and we are grateful for every penny we receive. Thank you!

Happy Travels!

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