Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Last Yarn

This week I received a package in the mail. This was a very important package. It contained the Last Yarn. Three skeins to finish off a custom order, and one skein for a Very Important Project (more on that one later).

I had set a goal this year to use what I have when it comes to stash. I have not been very good at not acquiring stash so far this year, but heck, the year isn't quite half over so I think I'm ok. I mean, I've got a whole 7 months to catch up right?

Last year (or was it two years ago?) I did a 100 day no buying challenge. I made it about a week past the 100 day mark, and felt pretty good about it. About the no buying part, as I recall not a whole lot of knitting got done, so not a whole lot of stash got moved out.

This time around though, I have planned projects. I have several WIPs that I'm focusing on. Stash will move out! I have been stalking a Ravelry thread for finishing WIPs this month, and have 'joined' from home (not by officially joining the threads, just reading them for motivation). And have been following a thread called 100 Balls in 2016 as well as a destash thread.

Current Goal(s):
Finish WIPs before casting on a new project
No buying yarn!

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