Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finished Object: The Noro Blanket

Today's Finished Object is the Noro Blanket. When I attended my first Yarn Haven Retreat, the ladies kept talking about Noro yarn, and how wonderful it was. At that point, I had not used Noro, and thought I might need to try some out. So, I got the idea to get some and make a blanket, because it made the most sense at the time.

Since then I have made some hats out of Noro as well. Sad to say, I don't really 'get' the hype over Noro. It's pretty and all, but it's not super amazing.

Date Started: April 12, 2014
Date Finished:August 15, 2015

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock in color S 307 , approximately 6 skeins
Cost of Yarn: about $120 (yes, for real, you non-knitters are probably having a conniption right now. Eye opening, ain't it?)
Pattern: Modified from Mason Dixon Knitting's Mitered Blanket

Progress Picture! 
Approximate Hours: 72
Note on the hours: I didn't really keep track of full time. I timed myself making a couple of squares, averaged the time between them, and multiplied by the total number of squares.

Since this is a blanket, I knew it would take awhile to be finished. Especially since I was in grad school at the time, and had lots of other things I wanted to make because that's how life is.

I'm super glad to have it done! Finally. I'm having major mixed feelings on what I should do with it. Should I give it to someone as a holiday present? List it on Etsy? Hold a Giveaway? Keep it? I just don't know! Suggestions are welcome at this point.

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