Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WEN Haircare Products: A Non-Sponsored, Honest Review

I recently received an offer for a free trial version of WEN hair care products. The whole deal was you sign up to be automatically billed and sent full size versions after the trial size has run out. They do this in the hopes that you use their super pricey product and decide that you love it enough to keep paying for it. Or that you'll forget about the hassle it is to call them and cancel if you don't love it, and they'll keep billing and sending you the product.

I saw a lot of infomercials for WEN and wondered if it really was as wonderful and miraculous as they say it is. But, once I saw the price I obviously did not pursue it. Until this offer came along. I've done a lot of these things on Swagbucks (I've made over $300 there, in addition to getting to try out products for free, fyi), and it really isn't that hard to put a reminder on my calendar and in my phone of when I need to call and cancel a membership.

So, WEN. What is WEN? It's a 'cleansing conditioner'. Basically an alternate to traditional shampoo. They have a lot of interesting claims that made me curious. They claim after 3 weeks of using WEN:
97% of customers had more shine
90% had more volume
and 90% had more moisture 

Still skeptical, I read the instructions and dove in. First off, the instructions are that you apply the product, rinse it out, and then reapply "leaving it in for the rest of your shower".  I don't know about the majority of the population, but I am a no-nonsense kind of girl. When it comes to showering I get the job done as efficiently as possible while still being thorough. Washing my hair literally doubles the amount of time I spend in the shower.

Using WEN pretty much quadrupled it. I don't have that kind of time. I'm writing a freakin' thesis while trying to keep a business running and not flake out completely at my day job. And I am the type of person who NEEDS MY SLEEP. I refuse to wake up 20 minutes early just to 'wash' my hair.

Then the label tells me to use some of the same product as a leave in conditioner. What?

I had committed to giving it a try so I went forward with it. The first day my hair seemed really soft and nice. But flat as all heck. Day two looked like it was wash day again. I have spent nearly a year extending the time between washes because of how thick my hair is and the amount of time it takes not only to wash it, but also to dry it (another 15 minutes, and it still isn't completely dry). So for it to look like it needed washing on day 2 was not acceptable.
Can you tell I washed it? That morning? I couldn't... 

Day three and I used dry shampoo for the first time in months. I had no other choice, my hair looked like it just got back from Girl's Camp with no showers, or creeks, or lakes, or water at all. Flat, greasy/oily, weighed down. Gross.

On my regular wash day I scrubbed away with the WEN. Scrubbed hard core. When I dried my hair? Well, it looked like it hadn't even been cleaned.

This happened for the duration. I am back on to my regular shampoo, and my normal washing schedule. I don't have to use dry shampoo again, it only took my hair a week to recover from the WEN debacle.

My Conclusions:
97% of customers had more shine- From Oily hair 
90% had more volume- They Lied. Or it was actually oil build up or build up from the dry shampoo they had to use.
and 90% had more moisture - Again, fro m Oily hair. 

Don't Do It! I sold the mousse and serum on eBay. Really quickly, so I hope that person has tried and likes WEN. So, I ended up making money off of this free offer. But I will never again buy WEN.

P.S.  When I called to cancel the subscription, the guy who answered sounded really defeated. I felt bad, but honestly if the product is so bad that your employees sound like they want to give up you should probably stop making it. 

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