Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Whole30 PreShow

Due to many factors, I recently decided to take on the Whole30 diet challenge. Since every year I decide to be better at blogging, (I usually fall of the wagon this time of year) I decided to go ahead and blog about how Whole30 goes for me.

I have not started it yet, but basically you cut out all sugar, dairy, and grains. I ordered the book and started reading as much as I could online. Finally, I drafted my husband to join with me. He always talks about dieting, but never really sticks with it, or is satisfied by results (at least it seems like this to me), and with the claims Whole30 is making, I think it might be what he’s looking for.

Out of curiosity, I started thinking about why certain foods weren’t on the list of acceptable items. And this morning I looked at the labels of two foods that we eat regularly: peanut butter for me (I love it on celery) and lunch meat from a name brand company for my husband.

Why are they not on the list? Sugar.

Yep, sugar is the second ingredient listed in the peanut butter we have. Apparently this isn’t uncommon since pb is explicitly banned while you are on Whole30.

And while ‘sugar’ isn’t an ingredient in lunch meat, this particular brand lists dextrose as an ingredient. Dextrose is a science-y namefor sugar.

While I knew this diet would be difficult, I was still a little surprised at the amount of  truthfulness behind the whole “added sugar is in EVERYTHING” mindset Whole30 has. They might be a bit over the top with it, I haven’t looked beyond these two foods that were convenient to me to look at. Only time will tell how much of the hype is just that, hype.

Stayed tuned, yall. 

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