Thursday, June 26, 2014

Call For Help

I'm trying to decide which direction to take the business in the next year (yes, I still think in terms of school semesters...), and NEED YOUR HELP! 

Would you rather buy a completely finished quilt (like this one:, 

a kit (like this one:

or just a quilt top (like this one:

As many of you know, or at least I hope know by now, I rely heavily on the feedback and opinions of my potential customers and my 'fans'. I have some new color combos going on in the kitchen item department thanks to feedback. And I'm working on some fun stuffed animals as well after getting some initial reactions on Facebook. 

But when it comes to the quilts, I love making them, the piecing part is so fun to me, but they don't get much attention. I need to know if it's going to be worthwhile to keep churning them out and trying to sell them (especially now that I've finally found a person to help me with the quilting part of quilts).

Let me know! 

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