Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finally, I know!

One of my hobbies is baking. I love baking, and cooking. I just love food in general.

A favorite of mine is Amish Friendship Bread. I know how to make the starter in case I want to make some bread, but don't have the starter. I love baking the bread and having it for breakfast. I love sharing it with others and passing along starters to friends.

However, something has come up over and over again when I pass the starter and instructions on to others.

"Why can't I use metal bowls or spoons?"

It says not to in all the instructions I've found, but it never explains why. I always just blindly followed the instructions. (The knitter in me quotes the mantra from the Yarn Harlot : Trust the pattern. In this case it's trust the recipe.)

Today, as I was doing some of my online 'work' (yes, I get paid for it, very little but I get paid so it does count as work), I came across a recipe that actually said WHY you don't use metal.

Now, you may laugh, and think I'm a bit slow, but Amish Friendship bread is a sourdough bread (which I already knew) and as such you have to let it ferment, or sour. If you do this with the aid of metal tools, the metal will change the flavor of the dough, causing the bread to taste off.

I don't particularly want to experiment and find out what it tastes like because I quite enjoy it, using my ceramic bowl and wooden spoons. For the rest of you, now you know.

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