Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update on 'Quilts or No?' Post

So, a couple months back I posted this: Quilts or No?. It was a genuine question, and I was really appreciative of the feedback from Melissa. She's great like that, she's one of my regulars when I ask questions about business-y things like that.

I got to thinking, and settling in to the new apartment and finally got around to going through what made it across the country with me. Unfortunately, my quilting frames did not make the journey. I had a quilt, ready to be tied tucked away in the box of.... quilty stuff. And I remember Melissa's comment.

I decided to go for it and posted it on Etsy.
Quilt Kit on Etsy

While I'm still getting the hang of this Etsy thing, all the tags and pricing and stuff just makes my eyes cross and my brain ooze out of my ears. I'm glad I got it up. It's a start right?

As always, your feedback and ideas are welcome! I love them and really enjoy the creativity that comes from all of you!

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