Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's a Girl to Do?

I was avoiding my homework earlier in the usual way, reading my blogs and Pinteresting. When I came to be on one of my favorite blogs written by the Yarn Harlot. She's wonderful, I love reading her blog and look forward to her posts. She has influence in the knitting world that I can only dream of, because every time she mentions a pattern, it ends up trending in the top 5 on Ravelry for the next month (at least it seems that way....).
I usually don't contribute to this trending, but today I looked at the picture in her blog post and almost had a conniption to run to the yarn store RIGHT NOW, screw all my homework, studying, and shift at work. I NEED this project on my needles IMMEDIATELY.
Catkin from the Ravelry page, not the Yarn Harlot's version...

It's called Catkin, and yes, it is a shawl. But it's a beautiful, cool shawl with buttons! Something strange is happening to me here. It might be Tennessee, or it might be that it's September and back home September is the start of sweater weather and hibernation related activities such as knitting.

Of course, this nearly irresistible urge to cast on a shawl, my first ever shawl, comes two days after I couldn't stand it anymore and cast on not one, but two sweaters of the adult variety, and the same morning I discovered a UFO in the bottom of the knitting basket that came along with me today to be finished this week. This brings my total WIP's (actually on the needles and being worked on, mind you) to 6. 7 if you count socks as two separate projects, but I don't, a pair is one project. Add to that the three quilts I'm trying to get done so I can start the next one, and keep working on the Quilt-Along one. (see post here)

And Christmas is coming, I need to get started on things for that too...

Heaven help me and my crafting ADD.

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  1. Do it, do it, do it!!!! Shawls are so addicting and that one looks fabulous!