Monday, May 28, 2012

The Scandinavian Days Adventure

I underwent my first Market in almost two years this weekend. A horde of young unaccompanied Vikings walked by my booth a couple of times. The three year old scared me the most, he was all too happy swinging around his battle axe. 

It wasn’t all that great. Because of the weather. It was windy, and my stuff kept flying away. It was horrible. 

So, we’re going to have a list of Pro’s and Con’s. I’ll start with the Con’s so we can end with the Pro’s. Cause it’s nice to be happy when you’re all done here.

     1.       The wind. It was killer. It blew dust and made my eyes hurt. Plus, my items got all dusty and dirty.
     2.       For some odd reason they had us set up on the Road.  Road Setup= No way to stake my canopy. I ended up borrowing some big bricks from the side of Uncle D’s house, hoping the entire time the house wouldn’t collapse because I took them.
     3.       Road Setup= dirty items. All the dust blowing around, from the road. Now I get to do several loads of laundry so everything is in saleable condition again.
     4.       It’s a small town, so they like small town prices. I have a feeling the majority of the people who came through my booth were idea stealers, not buyers.
     5.       Teddy still doesn’t have a home.

     1.       The people next to me were fabulous, Davison Ceramics. They’ll be at Summerfest in Logan, Raspberry Days in Garden City at Bear Lake, and The Avenues Street Fair in SLC this summer. The husband reminded me of Dr. Harris that I went on study abroad with last year.
     2.       I was able to start out with the new business name.
     3.       I swiped cards on my phone, and they worked. I made more money that way. It also really entertained my dad. Who happened to sit at the booth for several hours keeping things on the table.
     4.       I made enough to cover costs. Amazing especially since I included gas and food for the first time in my costs.
     5.       I got a ton of ideas for new items, and improvements on current items.
     6.       The fishie found a home. It took the blankie with it. They are going to Croatia. Seriously.
     7.       I think I can handle more markets this summer. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to. But now I think I can handle it. 

I’ll see you at more markets this summer!

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