Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Caesious Update: A Road Trip and Some Netflix

I feel like I've been really seriously slacking in the knitting department lately. There are several projects on the needles that should have been done long ago. But they are still there.

Caesious is one of them. Thankfully, we had a road trip recently. 10 hours one way, with lots of driving while there. I was able to make a lot of progress on some projects. One that really needs to be done (the Mielie vest) and of course Caesious.

When we got home I weighed how much yarn was left. 50 grams which means I am officially halfway done with it! Yay!

Here's a picture:

I also reached the point where I have the pattern in my head, and can move fairly quickly through a repeat. I can even stop in the middle of a repeat and walk away for awhile, then pick it right back up no problems.

The yarn is Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Sock. This pattern helps the yarn feel really light and squishy (John came up with that word after touching it). It's just lovely.... The only complaint I have is that it's variegated. I think I would like this project more if it weren't so variegated...

Since I will be finishing up my thesis soon, I should have a little more time and brainpower to devote to the knitting, and this project in particular. Caesious is the 'experiment' one to give me a gauge on how long they take, and once I have that under my belt, I will set a goal for when I want to have the entire Curls Project completed!

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