Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I did set a goal to post on the blog more often this year. However, I also set a goal to get the Etsy shop really, truly up and running again.

Currently this means I've been spending some time working on the Etsy shop. (There's an Etsy mini on the right sidebar of what's in the shop, if you're curious, but it only shows 9 items, there's more than that in the shop!) Which consequently means I'm spending less time blogging than I would like to spend.

I think I may have a new system in place for making time for both things, and we'll see how things go in the next few weeks, mmm'kay?

Here's a quick shout out:
Any one who knows how to web-design, I'm looking to make some improvements on the blog. Let me know if you can help a girl out!

Check out the whole shebang on Etsy: Aunt Jaq

And also Facebook for fun things like Giveaways and previews (and ability to buy before it goes on Etsy): Fan Page on Facebook

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