Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blanket Decisions...

So, yesterday morning I was in minor crisis over the color choice for a blanket. I had planned to do it in hot pink and black, saved the pattern and promptly forgot about it. Once I rediscovered it I had just cast on for another, even bigger, blanket in gray-blue,hot pink and black.
I didn't know what to do. I love the combo of hot pink and black, but let's be honest here. I can't make 2 hot pink and black blankets at the same time. I might get sick of the colors. Plus, if the decision is made to try to sell one (or both but probably only one) or give them away as presents or giveaway prizes, other people have to like them too. And what if I am the one who gets stuck with two hot pink and black blankets?
I'm a grown up! I can't have two hot pink and black blankets! I don't have children who like Barbies and Glitter. I Can't have Two HOT PINK AND BLACK BLANKETS!!!

After packing my bags for my trip this week I was sitting on my bed and staring at the grey-blue yarn that was on the needles, with a hot pink skein sitting next to it waiting to be used. Then it hit me. I have enough of the hot pink and black to make the blanket I originally planned to use it for and not have to go out and buy more. This is a big deal people. I like yarn, but there is this thing in the knitting community called a stash. And more often than not this "stash" gets out of hand. I decided it is most economical for me to not increase my stash, but to actually use as much of it as possible before I head out and add to it. So, hot pink and black Op Art blanket it is.

As for the Great American Afghan? Well, I have some ecru on hand... And I love blues, so I decided to stick with the blue denim theme on that one. First square is already on the needles in "Stonewash" and I happen to know there are at least two, maybe three, other shades of denim in the Sugar n Cream Solids and Denims yarn collection. It'll work out.

After I go to the store and buy some.

p.s. Other color combinations were suggested and I super appreciate them. Trust me, they will be used at a future point in time. It's just, I want to start this project right now and once I figured out that I have enough on hand, it was just fate.

pps. Pictures will be posted of these projects while in progress (maybe) and definitely when they are completed. :)

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