Sunday, June 10, 2012

So I set a goal this year to knit a pair of socks for myself each month. And I did really well. Until April. That being said I just finished up my May socks, and have regressed back to the April ones.

May Socks
Technically I did two pairs in March, so I'm not really behind. But it's still bothering me that I still haven't finished the pair I started in April. So before starting in on the June pair (which will be a plain pair of socks so it gets done!), I am going to attempt to get the April pair done first. Sigh.

The Second Pair of March Socks
If you're interested in this project, I have a board on my Pinterest called "Happy Feet" with pictures of the socks as they are made. It's quite fun.

And I really do have happy feet when they are clad in hand knit socks.

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